The mission of the Center of the History of Japanese Industrial Technology is to serve as a locus of information and research that will apply the lessons of the history of technology for the benefit of society in the future.

Japan is one of the world's leading repositories of industrial technology. This enviable position is the product of the hard work of generations of forerunners. Unfortunately, Japan is losing the precious artifacts that tell of this important history. These materials on the history of industrial technology are disappearing forever as industries restructure, production sites move overseas and the engineers who built postwar Japan grow old and retire. The tale of these inventions and innovations, which did so much to change the world we live in, must be told.

The Center conducts surveys and research on, and disseminates information regarding, three key areas:
  1. Surveys on whereabouts: Determining the location of materials that illustrate the development of Japan's industrial technology and the condition in which they are stored.
  2. Research on the systemization of technologies: Clarifying the relationship society, culture, and the economy have with technological development.
  3. Select and register important specimens from the history of science and technology in Japan: Preserving a disappearing national heritage.

In addition, the Center of the History of Japanese Industrial Technology is engaged in a wide spectrum of activities to promote greater understanding of the history of industrial technology in Japan and its significance, from a wide range of perspectives. Ongoing projects include the construction of HITNET, Japan's national database for museums of industrial technology, holding exhibitions on the past, present and future of technology, and providing lectures on industrial technology.